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Creating Shareable Content: 5 Ideas to Connect and Engage Your Audience

5 shareable content ideas

Have you ever come across a hilarious video online and immediately shared it with your friend? That's what we call shareable content! It's one of the easiest ways to grow your social media account, especially for your dog training business. When someone shares your content, it introduces your account to their followers, giving you more exposure.

So, how can you create content that people can't help but share?

The key is to make your audience feel seen and say, "This is SO on point!"

Shareable content evokes emotions and creates a deeper connection. When your content makes people feel happy, motivated, inspired, or less alone, they can't resist sharing it with others.

Here are five examples of shareable content ideas for your dog training business:

1. Acknowledge Wins or Struggles:

Show empathy and understanding by addressing the challenges and victories pet parents experience. By acknowledging their wins or struggles, you connect on a deeper level with your followers.

2. Confessions:

Share a confession you have related to being a dog parent. Embracing vulnerability creates authenticity - something we can all appreciate!

3. Memes:

Memes are a powerful form of content. It’s simple, funny, and people can’t help but share it. You can look for popular photo memes here or video memes here.

4. Loving Reminders:

These can be in the form of quotes, affirmations, or gentle nudges to keep going on their dog training journey. They'll appreciate the love and pass it on to others who may need it too!

5. Relatable Situations:

Find common experiences shared by all pet parents, such as spending too much money on their dogs or being obsessed with them. Creating content that highlights these funny and relatable moments will drive that engagement rate up.

Incorporate these shareable content ideas into your content strategy to boost engagement and expand your reach. Remember to have fun and get creative!

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5 shareable content ideas


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