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23 Call-To-Action Examples That Will Drive Engagement

Why you should post more videos on social media

Creating social media content that drives engagement is a great way to grow your account. Engagement is the number of people interacting with your post by liking, commenting, saving, or sharing.

The more interactions you get, the more the algorithm will favor your post and show it to more people.

A simple way to encourage people to interact with your content is by providing a “Call To Action” statement (or CTA for short).

What is CTA?

According to Wikipedia, “CTA is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response.”

In other words, it is a statement that gives people something to do after seeing your content and encourages them to interact with you more.

A lot of times when we are posting something, we are “speaking at” our followers. It feels like a one-way speech. So when you add a CTA statement, you can turn your post into a two-way conversation.

How it feels to read a post without a CTA statement
Don't talk AT the cat, talk WITH the cat

Where should you put your CTA?

These statements can usually be found at the end of the video, carousel post, or caption. Think of CTA as a "concluding sentence" to your paragraph.

However, you can definitely experiment to see what works best for you. Maybe it's the first sentence of your caption, in the middle paragraph, or in the beginning of your video. There's no one right way to do it so don't be afraid to test it out!

Here are 23 CTA statements to use on your next social media post:

"Link In Bio"

This statement tells the follower to visit the website link provided in your profile. This is great for driving more traffic to your website.

  • Click the link in bio to sign up for a discovery call

  • Want to join our new class? Tap the link in bio to get started

  • Download my free guide by hitting the link in bio

"Tag Someone"

Ask your follower to personally tag someone in the comments!

  • Tag someone who needs to hear this today

  • Tag another dog parent who would find this post helpful

  • Tag a friend who needs to learn this training tip

"Comment Your Thoughts"

We all have our own opinions, and social media is a great place to share them! Asking your follower to share their thoughts will show that you care about what they have to say.

  • Do you agree or disagree? Comment your thoughts

  • I would love to know what you think! Comment below

  • Tell me your thoughts in the comments

"Share This Post"

Regardless of what platform you are on, you can ask your follower to share your post to their Instagram stories, Facebook feed, TikTok feed, or send it directly to their close friends/family.

  • Share this post if you agree with me

  • Share this post to educate another dog parent

  • Help me spread the word by sharing this post

"Save This Post"

Most social media platforms give the follower an option to save a post into a folder. People usually save posts that are helpful or something they can refer back to another time.

  • Save this post to reference later!

  • Was this helpful? Be sure to save this post!

  • Ready to try this out with your dog? Save this post!

"Drop a [insert emoji]"

Who doesn't love emojis? They are so fun and simple. Asking your follower to leave an emoji is an easy task that anyone can do in a few seconds or less. Definitely one of my favorite ways to boost engagement!

  • Drop a 💯 if you agree with this post

  • Comment 🐕 if you’re obsessed with puppies too

  • Drop a 💓 to send love to other dog parents

"Follow Me"

This one is great for reaching new accounts that are not already following you. If someone sees your post for the first time ever, this statement could tell them the exact reason why they should hit the follow button!

  • Follow me for more enrichment ideas

  • Follow me to stay tuned about my upcoming course

  • Follow me if you want to level up your dog training skills

"Read The Caption"

This is perfect for when you have tons of information or details that you couldn’t fit into your post or video. You can end your content with “read the caption” and then provide more details in your caption section.

Random fact of the day: Instagram has a 2200-character limit on captions. That’s a whole lot of space to share your thoughts! I like to use this website to make sure I’m staying within the character limit.

“Comment [1 word] if you want the link to…”

You can ask people to comment a word if they want you to message them with a link. Then you personally message them!

Yes, this will require more work on your part but you’re making things easier for the follower. You are sending them directly to a website instead of asking them to go through your profile, tap the website, find the link, etc.

Of course, there are tools you can use to automate this, but we can save this chat for another day!

Make sure you add one of these CTA statements to your next post or caption!

If you need help with your social media, don't hesitate to reach out to me here or follow me on Instagram for even more social media tips and R+ content!

Call to action statements that drive engagement


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