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15 Social Media Post Ideas For Dog Trainers [Holiday Edition]

15 holiday content ideas for dog trainers

The holiday season is the perfect time to nurture your current followers and connect with them on a deeper level.

There are a lot of things that are happening around the holidays and many dog guardians need help navigating different situations.

For instance, they could be looking for ways to…

  • involve their pups in festive celebrations

  • keep it stress-free for their anxious pups

  • prepare their dogs for guests and routine changes

  • exercise their dogs indoors on busy days

And so much more!

This is where your expertise as a dog trainer comes in! Your content is a valuable resource for your followers, and this is a great time to offer meaningful insights and position yourself as their go-to expert!

As you plan out your content for the remaining time of the year, consider how you can switch things up during the holiday season!

How can you make more posts that show you understand your followers? How can you spread more joy and positivity? How can you provide value to your community?

Here is a list of content ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

15 Holiday Content Ideas For Dog Trainers:

1. Holiday Treat Recipes: Share different recipes for homemade dog treats and incorporate common holiday ingredients. Record video tutorials and make it into a Reels series!

2. Managing Dog Behavior Around Guests: Offer training tips for preparing dogs to be around guests, including strategies to reduce stress and create safe spaces.

3. Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs: Curate a list of perfect gift ideas for furry friends, from treats and puzzles to cozy beds and accessories.

4. Gift Ideas for Dog Guardians: Share your favorite gifts for fellow dog lovers and help your followers find gifts for their friends and family.

5. Self-Care Tips for Dog Guardians: Holidays can be stressful for everyone! Share advice on how dog guardians can practice self-care and emphasize the importance of balance between caring for their dog and themselves.

6. DIY Dog Toy Tutorial: Create a step-by-step tutorial for making dog toys at home using gift boxes, wrapping paper, or other household items.

7. Puppy’s First Holiday Guide: If you work with puppies, provide guidance on helping dog guardians navigate their pup's first holiday season.

8. Traveling with Your Pet: Craft a checklist for pet owners planning to travel with their dogs, covering essentials and safety tips.

9. Supporting the Community: Share ideas for giving back to local animal shelters or rescue organizations during the holidays.

10. Tricks for Cute Holiday Photos: Create video tutorials on teaching fun tricks that will look great for holiday photos.

11. Keeping Dogs Safe Around Holiday Hazards: Educate dog guardians about harmful holiday foods and plants and offer strategies for management!

12. Meeting Dogs’ Needs on Busy Days: Share your time-saving strategies to make sure dogs get the care they need during the busy season.

13. Prepping Dogs for Celebrations: Offer guidance on how to help dogs cope with fireworks and loud celebrations.

14. Dog Safety on New Year's Eve: Give tips to keep dogs safe during New Year's Eve festivities and help those with noise sensitivity!

15. Expressing Gratitude in Your Business: Wrap up the year by sharing a heartfelt message expressing your gratitude for your clients and followers. Thank them for supporting you on your journey!

It's never too early to start planning!

There you have it – a ton of engaging ideas to spice up your content for the holiday season. I recommend using a planner to help you store these ideas and plan your content strategy. Don't forget it's about nurturing your current followers and building an awesome community!


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