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Why you should post more videos on social media for your dog training business

Why you should post more videos on social media

As business owners, we all know how important it is to market our services. But what if I told you making videos can help you market more effectively?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but video marketing has been on the rise ever since TikTok started booming during the pandemic. Every social media platform has been pushing for more videos with Instagram and Facebook Reels, Youtube Shorts, and Pinterest Idea Pins.

It’s no doubt that video marketing has become an increasingly popular way to reach potential customers and promote your business on social media.

If you’re a dog trainer who feels intimidated about making videos and you’re hesitant about it, I wanted to explore some benefits of making video content for your social media and how it can help you grow your account!

After all, my goal is to help you grow your business and I believe making more videos will help you achieve long-term success. Not to be cheesy, but I truly want more dog guardians to know who you are and how you can help them!

Here are 4 benefits of video marketing for your dog training business:

1. Videos keep your audience engaged

Making videos gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience in a way that pictures and graphics can’t. Videos can evoke emotions, which helps you build a connection with your followers.

If you think about it, videos are also easier to learn. Personally, I can retain more information from watching a video compared to reading a post.

2. It’s easier to share information in a video

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be incredibly valuable to any dog guardian. Making videos is an easier way to showcase your expertise and share your knowledge. It’s easier to explain and demonstrate things in a video compared to putting that information in a post or caption.

3. Video posts will reach a wider audience

Compared to photo posts, videos help you reach a wider audience. Reach is the number of accounts that have seen your post at least once.

Let’s compare some of the insights to my recent posts. This is a post consisting of only photos - it reached 393 accounts and they were mostly people who were already following me.

Insights to Carousel Post
Insights to Carousel Post

Whereas my Reel reached 963 accounts and more than half of those accounts were not following me:

Insights to Reel
Insights to Reel

As you can see, there’s a major difference between the two. Ultimately, making videos favors the algorithm, which pushes your content out for more people to see, even when they are not following you!

#4 Videos are more personable

It can feel scary to work with someone or buy something from them if you’ve never seen that person before. Yes, you can post pictures of yourself training dogs, but there’s nothing like showing up on a video and demonstrating your skills.

Plus, this is going to help build trust right away. Your audience can see who you are in the video, they can hear your voice, the way you approach dogs, and so much more. It’ll help them make that decision in working with you.

What’s holding you back from posting more videos?

As you can see, video marketing can be an incredibly effective way to promote your dog training business and take your business to the next level.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and start creating your own videos! If you need help getting started, you can reach out to me here or follow me on Instagram for weekly tips. Sign up for my email newsletter to stay updated on more video marketing resources.



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