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40 Hooks For Your Next Instagram Reel, TikTok Video, Caption, Or Social Media Post

40 hooks for your next social media post

With social media being such a fast-paced world, people’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. And unless your post can capture their attention right away, they can easily scroll past your post and move on to something else.

This is why having a hook in your video, caption, or post is so important.

What is a hook?

A hook is a statement at the beginning of the video or the first sentence of the caption that grabs the viewer’s attention and captures their interest. These statements can be found everywhere - newspaper headlines, ads and commercials, magazine covers, and more.

Hooks can help boost your video views, increase your engagement, and make people actually read or watch your content.

I spent some time researching various types of content and found some common themes that hook statements have:

  • Addresses common struggles

  • Speaks on desirable or undesirable results

  • Calls out mistakes

Here are 40 hooks for your next Instagram Reel, TikTok video, Social Media Post, or Caption:

For desired results:

  • This tip will (desired result)

  • The best way to (desired result)

  • The real secret to (desired result)

  • The ultimate tip for (desired result)

  • (number) ways to boost your (desired result)

  • Here’s the reason why you’re not seeing (desired result)

  • Here’s why (mistake) will NOT get you (desired result)

  • Do you want (desired result)?

  • The secret to (desired result) is this

  • Want to get (desired result)?

  • Simple hack for (desired result)

  • 3 things to avoid if you want (desired result)

  • This is how I (desired result)

For mistakes:

  • Stop doing this (mistake)

  • Why you shouldn't (mistake)

  • Why you should avoid (mistake)

  • Don’t make this mistake…

  • Why I don’t (mistake) and you shouldn’t either

For undesirable problems:

  • Say bye-bye to (undesirable problem)

  • Stop (undesirable problem) with this tip

  • Stuck with (problem)?

For struggles:

  • If (struggle) is hard, then try…

  • Are you constantly (struggle)...?

  • Watch this if you’re struggling with…

  • Do you ever feel (struggle)?

For products:

  • Must have (item) for (adjective) dog

  • (number) creative uses for (product)

  • Peek inside my (product)

Other hooks:

  • Rethink your training with this tip

  • Train your dog like a pro with this (product or training tip)

  • How to meet your dog’s needs on any budget

  • How to make the most out of your training session

  • Lessons I learned as a dog trainer (or dog parent)

  • What other people won’t tell you about…

  • One thing I won’t do with my dog is…

  • 3 things you should know when it comes to…

  • I bet you didn't know…

  • You deserve to know this tip…

  • This is your friendly reminder…

  • I wish I knew this sooner…

  • This might be slowing down your training progress…

Level up your social media posts with these hooks!

Tag me on Instagram so I can see them and give you an extra boost of engagement ;)

If you need additional help with your social media, you can always find me on Instagram or reach out to me.

40 hooks for your next social media post


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